Justin Trudeau

Keynote - Education, Environment & Youth Advocate

The education and empowerment of youth are priorities that have dominated Justin Trudeau’s professional and personal life. Shortly after completing a degree at McGill University, Trudeau moved to Vancouver to earn a bachelor’s of education degree from the University of British Columbia. For the next four years, he devoted himself to teaching children of all ages. He is now completing a Master's degree in Environmental Geography at McGill University.

Trudeau is actively involved with Katimavik, Canada’s leading national youth volunteer-service program. He works to increase the engagement of Canada’s youth towards their country, their communities and their environment. He is also involved with the Canadian Avalanche Foundation, promoting intelligent risk-taking and safety awareness; and wilderness groups such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society.

Justin Trudeau is constantly being quoted in the media across the country on his views concerning the future of Canada. The combination of Trudeau’s electric charisma and inspirational message leaves audiences educated, entertained and ready to make a difference.

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